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Labor law

It is not uncommon for disagreements to arise between employer and employee. We support you as an employer or employee in all areas of employment law. Our consulting services include the review, conceptualization and revision of employment contracts, but also any issues that arise during an existing employment relationship up to the termination of employment.

  • Drafting and review of employment contracts

  • Drafting of termination agreements

  • Dismissal and protection against dismissal

  • Severance pay

  • Wage and salary claims

  • Vacation compensation

  • Job reference

  • Bogus self-employment

  • Bullying

Inheritance law

We advise you on all matters relating to inheritance law – whether you have inherited something or have something to bequeath. Our services include the drafting of your will, the enforcement of and defense against claims to a compulsory portion, and the planning of your asset and/or company succession. Of course, we do not only consider inheritance law aspects, but also tax and corporate law aspects.

  • Drafting of wills, marriage contracts and other testamentary dispositions

  • Enforcement of compulsory portion claims and claims for compulsory portion supplementation

  • Anticipated succession during the lifetime of the testator

  • Joint heirs

  • Heirs’ liability

  • Estate liabilities

  • Company succession

Family law

Another focus of the law firm is the consultation and representation in family law matters. We conduct divorce proceedings for you and support you in enforcing or, if necessary, defending claims for alimony and equalization of gains.

  • Advice before and after marriage, especially on the drafting of a prenuptial agreement

  • Drafting of divorce settlement agreements

  • Draft agreement for non-marital partnerships, registered partnership

  • Divorce and pension rights adjustment

  • Assertion or defense of alimony claims
    Child support / spousal support / alimony modification actions

  • Property settlement in connection with divorce and equalization of gains

  • Representation in the areas of parental custody and access rights, right of residence and surrender of the child

  • Distribution of households

  • Allocation of the marital apartment/house

  • Protection against violence

  • Paternity action, parentage & adoption

  • International family law

  • Consideration of tax peculiarities in case of separation and divorce of business couples

Industrial property protection

Our activities include the national and international registration of trademarks (DE, IR and EU), trademark monitoring, representation in opposition, cancellation and nullity proceedings as well as in infringement disputes concerning trademarks, titles, internet domains, company logos, design products protected by designs or copyrights as well as technical property rights. In particular, we draft and negotiate cooperation, development, licensing and distribution agreements as well as delimitation, priority and coexistence agreements.

  • Trademark law
    Trademark application
    Trademark search
    Trademark defense

  • Competition law
    Interlocutory injunction proceedings
    Warning letters
    Protective letters
    Competition proceedings

  • Copyright
    Artist consulting
    Production contracts
    Assertion and enforcement of exploitation rights

Commercial and corporate law

Corporate law covers all aspects of a company, regardless of its form, from its founding and the choice of corporate form to the subsequent sale of the company and disputes between the shareholders. We advise you on how to identify relevant issues and tasks at an early stage or how to solve problems that have already arisen by means of an entrepreneurially sensible approach. Our aim is to support you not only in the event of a crisis, but also on a regular basis, and we offer you individual consulting solutions. In commercial law, too, we provide you with comprehensive out-of-court and in-court support in questions and problems relating to commercial relationships.

  • Law of the trade stand

  • Law of commercial transactions

  • Law of partnerships

  • Law of corporations

Debt collection Receivables management

We take over receivables management for you in individual cases, but also on a permanent basis. We effectively collect receivables due from defaulting debtors on your behalf. A structured and effective receivables management is the basis of a solid economic foundation. Late or unpaid invoices reduce the liquidity of private individuals and companies. Reduced liquidity of a company can even entail the risk of insolvency.

Tenancy law

Continuous changes in the legal situation and a flood of new rulings pose a multitude of new problems in tenancy and lease law. This applies equally to residential tenancy law and commercial tenancy law. We advise tenants and private landlords as well as commercial landlords, owners’ associations (WEG) and housing companies. In this context, we provide advice on the drafting of tenancy agreements as well as on questions of termination and the enforcement of or defense against such termination. We are also a reliable partner for the enforcement of your legal claims in matters of ancillary costs and operating costs, rent amount, rent deposit, cosmetic repairs, defects of the rented property, traffic safety obligations etc.

  • Review and drafting of lease agreements and lease termination agreements

  • Termination of tenancy

  • Justification or defense of rent increases

  • Defects of the rental object, reduction or compensation for damages

  • Review of the service charge statement

  • Termination of tenancies without notice or with notice

  • Cosmetic repairs

  • Eviction actions and enforcement under the law of execution

  • Admission or dismissal of the spouse from the lease agreement

Tax law

Tax law changes faster than other areas of law, almost every economic enterprise is affected by tax law. Tax law affects every citizen in different ways. These can be questions of inheritance or donation, marriage or divorce, purchase of real estate or income tax, etc. When we provide comprehensive advice on tax law issues, both tax aspects and equally civil law aspects have to be taken into account.

  • Legal representation before the tax courts

  • Consultation and negotiation with the tax office

  • Penalty exempting voluntary disclosure

  • Income tax law/tax returns

  • Corporate Tax Law

  • Sales tax law

  • Inheritance and gift tax law

  • Tax code law

Criminal Law

Particularly in criminal law, those affected are not in a position to fully protect their rights due to a lack of legal expertise. The earlier a lawyer is engaged, the more influence he can exert on the course of the criminal proceedings in the client’s interest.

  • Violent offenses
    e.g.: Assault, murder, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter

  • Property crimes
    e.g. robbery, extortion, theft, residential burglary, embezzlement, fraud

  • Juvenile criminal law
    all criminal offenses in connection with the special features of juvenile criminal law

  • Narcotics criminal law
    e.g. trafficking, import, export, possession, acquisition, cultivation

  • Criminal traffic law
    e.g. unauthorized departure from the scene of an accident (“hit and run”), endangering road traffic, drunkenness/drugs on the road

  • Internet criminal law
    e.g. illegal writings/pictures/files: distribution, acquisition, possession of illegal writings/pictures/files

Traffic law

Accident settlement: We represent you after traffic accidents in the assertion of claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering against parties involved in the accident and insurance companies.
Traffic offences: In the case of speeding, red light violations, failure to maintain the minimum distance, drunk driving, etc., we defend and represent you in administrative offense proceedings.

  • Accident settlement (assertion of claims for damages)

  • Traffic criminal law and misdemeanor law (penalty notices)

  • Driving license law (revocation of driving license, driving ban)

Contract law

Contract law has many facets. In order to avoid disadvantages and surprises at a later stage, it is important to be fully informed about all possible consequences when concluding a contract and to plan for them. Our activities include both the examination of contracts and their preparation. In doing so, we attach particular importance to careful and precise formulations in order to prevent later difficulties and to avoid misunderstandings. We advocate your positions in contract negotiations and vigorously enforce your interests in the event of a dispute, both out of court and in court.

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