Business Planing

Mr. RA Kaplik creates in cooperation with Mr. StB Böhm for clients and for your individual business ideas a professional “business plan”. In addition to his legal education, Mr. Kaplik also studied “Audio-Visual Management” as a master’s program. The focus of this master program was on strategic planning, development and implementation of business ideas in the field of media. The basis of each project is the production and creation of a so-called “business plan”, which systematically analyzes all phases and aspects of the project and thus shows opportunities but also risks. The business plan is the business card of the project and thus forms the basis of communication for discussions with banks, public authorities, funding institutions, venture capitalists, consultants, cooperation partners, guarantors or management. With the assistance of StB Böhm, all tax issues can also be discussed in advance and, ideally, taken into account to reduce taxes.

Management Consulting

  • Company valuations for acquisitions or succession planning

  • Execution of investment calculations for the acquisition of individual assets as well as for M & A measures

  • Strategy consulting in the field of marketing, advertising and communication

  • Investment controlling

  • Introduction of modern compensation systems

  • Other general business consulting

Project Management

  • Operation and management process

  • Document flow

  • EDP systems

  • Cost and profitability accounting Personnel management

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